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Odette Coronel
Relationship Coach

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step." Lao Tzo
Have you checked all the boxes and
still feel unfulfilled?

Create more fun, intimacy and connection
in your Relationship
by Re-igniting the spark within yourself in
120 days or less.
Stop Living By Default 


Do You....

  •  Lack Energy, Focus & Direction?

  •  Feel Overwhelmed? Stressed? Anxious?

  •  Think there is Never Enough Time?

  •  Put Yourself at the Bottom of your Priority List? 

  •  Feel a lack of connection in your Relationships?

  •  Feel stuck and afraid of Change?

  •  Wish you had more confidence?

Are you ready to....

  • Become the BEST Version of Yourself?

  • Be Healthier: Physically, Mentally & Spiritually?

  • Feel Confident & Secure?

  • Have more balance between Home & Work Life?

  • Create an Awesome Marriage? 

  • Have Harmony in your Family?

  • Find meaning in your life and feel fulfilled?


In order to give your BEST, You have to Become Your Best Self. 

What will you create by investing in yourself?


  • A clear vision of the life & relationship you want 

  • More meaningful relationships 

  • Feel more fulfilled in your career

  • Live your life with purpose

  • Increase your Self-confidence, Self-love & Self-worth 

  • Improve communication skills

  • Prioritize what really matters

  • Learn to Set boundaries

  • The best relationship possible with your partner

  • Re-ignite the spark in yourself

  • Bring back the spark in your marriage

  • Improve connection, intimacy & fun 

  • A clear vision of what you want & who you want to be

  • More harmony, satisfaction & joy in your relationship

  • A blueprint for the life and relationship you want to create

  • Clarify your Life Vision; Identify values, strengths & beliefs; Formulate goals & habits; Experience & Evaluate what you've implemented

  • 8 weekly group coaching sessions

  • Create An Awesome Life Journal

  • One bonus 1:1 coaching session

How can you work with me?

  • 4 Month Coaching Program:
  • Includes 16 one on one weekly coaching sessions.

  • Coaching Sessions are 60 minutes. 

  • Limited email support is available, as needed.

Investment: $2,000


  • Package includes 8 weekly group coaching sessions

  • Create An Awesome Life Workbook

  • One bonus 1:1 coaching session

  • Starts on December 20, 2021 - February 14, 2021

Investment: $500

What is a Discovery Call?

Click Below to Find Out

"I enjoyed so much working with Odette!

I felt from our first session that I can trust her and be open about what I was going through. She immediately made me feel safe and heard.  Not only she is really sweet and kind, She has such deep and incredible wisdom! I experienced several breakthroughs and I was able to take immediate action. This helped me to move forward and grow tremendously! Moreover, I had So much fun during our sessions, which reminded me to take it easy on myself and allowed me to be more relaxed and flow with life events.

My relationships and the relationship with myself improved remarkably. I have faith and enthusiasm in my goals, trust in myself and the process.  Thank you, Odette! You are a fantastic coach and a wonderful human being."


"Absolutely loved my sessions with Odette! She created a safe, non-judgmental space for me to share whatever came up. She is easy to talk to and it felt like I was talking to an old friend. She asks thought-provoking questions so that the client feels empowered to make their own discoveries. She guided me to connect the dots in some of my limiting beliefs and inspired me to take actions to motivate me towards my goals. Thanks to Odette and her coaching, I experienced aha moments that not only impacted me during our session, but also helped me to reflect and take further action outside the session. She is a wonderful coach and I am so grateful to have been coached by her."  



"I had the honor of being a client of Odette's. This was my first time as a coaching client and I was uneasy about the format and expectations. Odette has a warm personality and the ability to put people at ease quickly. As the session progressed, I was very impressed by how Odette handled the conversation and her ability to ask poignant questions. She helped elicit some great epiphanies in my area of concern and how I can move myself to a better place. It certainly made me a believer in the power of coaching. While zoom secessions are an excellent way for us to connect in the new world of social distancing, we forgot about the loss of personal connection found in face to face communication. Odette can make the session feel like we were in the same room, even though we were over a thousand miles apart. I would highly recommend Odette as a coach for anyone looking to make changes in their lives."



I am a Relationship Coach, a Business Owner, Wife to my amazing hubby, and 

Momma to three awesome kiddos and two fur babies.

My mission is to create a ripple effect of personal growth and personal development,

one person at a time, which will contribute to Global Growth and Evolution.

In the words of Jay Shetty, "Let's make Wisdom Go Viral."

I am passionate about helping people create more fun, intimacy and connection in their relationships by re-igniting the spark within themselves. 


Through my coaching, I help clients cultivate self-awareness, set goals that are in alignment with their values, and take steps that lead to a life filled with meaning and purpose. I am is dedicated to empowering my clients with tools for living to their highest potential and becoming the best version of themselves.


I believe that each person is an expert in their own life and just needs a little guidance to find their own answers within. I want to help YOU find your answers and create the life and relationship you are meant to have.


                          Odette Coronel        

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