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"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step." Lao Tzo

"Marriage does not come with a manual."


The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment is designed to help couples enhance their relationships by increasing awareness, promoting objective communication, and sparking meaningful conversations. It aims to provide personalized insights that can lead to relationship growth and improved satisfaction.

Sign up for Couples Assessment & Follow-up Coaching Session

  • Prepare-Enrich Assessment/Coaching

    On-line Prepare-Enrich Marriage Assessment and one 90 minute coaching session.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Pre-Enrich Couples Assessment

Here's a breakdown of how the assessment works:


  1. Increase Awareness: The assessment is tailored to your relationship, offering results that can enhance your understanding of various aspects of your partnership. This increased awareness can lead to more open and constructive discussions.

  2. Provide Objective Results: The assessment is based on scientific research, ensuring that the results are reliable and objective. This can help both partners have meaningful conversations about important relationship topics.

  3. Catalyst for Conversation: Taking the assessment serves as a starting point for important conversations. It can help identify areas of strength and areas that may need improvement, providing a foundation for relationship-building activities.

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