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Odette Coronel
 Life &Relationship Coach

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step." Lao Tzo

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Webinar Topic: Find Your Relationship's Inner Sage


  • 10 things you may be doing that are sabotaging your relationship. 

  • 4 Steps to Finding Your Relationship’s Inner Sage in order to STOP the sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviors… Start having more Fun, Intimacy and Connection in your relationship.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”      

Maya Angelou

We have automatic ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

These patterns and these habits may have been formed in childhood. They are meant to protect us.

But sometimes, rather than protecting us, they are really not serving our best interests or the intention that we hoped for.

This is not about blame or making us feel badly about ourselves.

This is not about absolving our partners from anything that they may be saying or doing that might trigger us.

This is simply about bringing certain patterns that we have into our awareness.

It is being able to identify them so that we can acknowledge it and maybe choose to do something different next time.

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